Volunteer Opportunties

Home Depot volns.There are tons of ways to help out homeless veterans in your community. Please check out the list below for a sample of opportunities. Please contact Greg Crawford, AHI Executive Director, to explore ways you can support homeless veterans today! You can reach him by calling 202-561-VETS (8387) or via email. We look forward to working with you!

  • Plant vegetables in our garden
  • Plant flowers to beautify the facility
  • Help spruce up the lawn2015 volunteers 008
  • Paint the walls, the halls, the gates outside
  • Help organize our food pantry
  • Host a food drive at your place of work, your place of worship, at your school or at a local grocery store
  • Host a clothing drive (business attire and winter wear) for men and women, and more.
  • Teach a computer class
  • Teach your favorite hobby (e.g., how to play a guitar, how to play chess)
  • Host a workout class
  • Prepare a dessert for the veterans then come enjoy it with them.
  • Be part of our Birthday Ambassadors program
  • Help with social media, communications, front desk operations, grant writing, and so much more.

2015 volunteers 018

Our veterans are always humbled when people from the community come to the Center to make their home a little brighter. As one of them put it so beautifully, “It’s nice to be remembered.” Your volunteer time truly makes a tremdous impact! We welcome your support.