How We Serve

AHI provides complete wraparound social work and community support programs to help ensure its veterans Smilehave the best chance at success possible. Our program includes:

  • a private room with a key for each resident
  • warm, nutritious meals
  • social work case management services
  • employment services
  • housing search support
  • an on-site computer, and specialized computer classes (e.g., computer training, including courses on basic computing, social media (particularly LinkedIn), resume writing, Unix training)
  • classes on-site (e.g., culinary training)
  • personalized and group counseling for mental health, substance abuse, family reunification, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • peer support programs
  • referrals for dentistry, furniture, and clothing
  • transportation vouchers
  • on-site medical care
  • a barber shop and beauty salon with complimentary services for veterans at AHI and for vets from the community. (These services are provided by volunteer licensed barbers and beauticians.)
  • a food pantry
  • recreation services
  • a Birthday recognition program
  • holiday programs
  • volunteer programs with and for the veterans
  • To give our veterans the best support, we provide employment counseling and skill development workshops:

    Women are twice as likely to become homeless as their male counterparts.

    and so much more.

Always seeking to collaborate with others in the community supporting veterans, some of our recent partnerships include working with Lydia’s House for financial counseling, and a work-readiness support partnership with Easter Seals.

“When I got sick and couldn’t work I was evicted from my home because I was unable to make the rent. I used to donate to AHI so I knew about their programs and services. I would never have thought I’d end up living there. They helped me when I really needed support. They truly do have the best interest of veterans at heart!” ~ Katey K., US Air Force